IDHS, INCCRRA and the CCR&R System are providing limited cleaning and PPE supplies to child care providers across Illinois. These supplies can be ordered at no cost; however, providers will need to pay for shipping by credit/debit card plus paypal. You must be a child care provider providing care in Illinois or getting ready to reopen in phase 3 or 4 of Restore Illinois. This is available to licensed centers, licensed-exempt centers, licensed home/group homes and licensed-exempt homes.


For licensed providers, we will confirm you are a licensed provider by using the ExceleRate Search ( and matching your name and shipping address.

For Licensed-exempt providers, you will need to provide your 15-digit Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Provider Number to place an order. (This is a 15 digit number found in the top left hand corner, above your name on the billing statement.  If your number is not 15 digits, please add zeros to the beginning until it reaches 15 digits). Maximum quantities have been set based on provider type.

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